David Beckham’s kiss that caused many comments on Instagram

David Beckham uploaded a photo to his profile on Instagram and he did not expect to cause such reactions and so many comments.
David and his wife, along with their children, enjoyed a holiday in Tanzania and even traveled to the country’s national park watching wild animals and marvel at the unique African landscape.

And the famous couple seemed to be enchanted by the African country and so both David and Victoria were constantly uploading videos and photos of their journey. But a photo taken by David  in which he gives a kiss to his little daughter Harper  has gathered a lot of comments.

And while initially most of them commented that the scene was very tender, then some began to blame David that  it is unacceptable to kiss his only 5-year-old daughter and others commented on this kiss as “strange” and “inappropriate.” And so an internet war started between Internet users who rushed to defend David and say it was a completely innocent kiss, and that they kissed their children in the mouth, and others continued to find this kiss unacceptable.

However, in the past a Victoria Beckham kiss at Harper had also caused many comments.