The dark side of fashion through the testimonies of women

Sexual harassment incidents and attacks by professionals in the fashion industry have revealed ten models.

In a short video for Harper’s Bazaar, in collaboration with Model Alliance, which promotes a campaign to protect model labor rights, young women have pointed out that they have all been asked by different people to get naked even if this is not the concept of the project in which they worked, while there are few who have even suffered physical abuse.

Elliot Sailors, who lives and works in New York, spoke of the experience she had with a professional photographer who asked her to do a number of misleading things for which she did not agree.

“I wanted to feel sexy and interesting and I wanted to make moves that would make me look like that, but (with him) I don’t want to do it again,” said Sailors. “He asked me to spit my chest and do other things I really did not want. I started doing some of what I wanted and then I was horrified and started crying. He continued to take pictures of me even when I was crying, “she continued.

Another model from New York spoke about the physical abuse she received from a businessman:

“A colleague introduced me and some other models to the manager of a well-known lingerie company. After a while he asked me to try the underwear in front of him. He tried to pull my shirt off, pushed me to the wall and tried to abuse me. I finally managed to get away. ”

Watch the video with women’s testimonies: