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Daredevil Erik Roner dies


Erik Roner, an extreme sport star whose achievements were seen regularly on television, died in a parachuting accident on Monday, California authorities said.

Roner was part of a three-man parachute team. When he jumped, he missed his target and hit a big tree. He was transported to a nearby hospital where the doctor pronounced him dead on arrival.

While speaking to Placer County Sheriff’s Office, a witness said that Roner was part of skydivers at the Square Valley Institute’s annual Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Johnny Knoxville, a fellow MTV star, twitted on Monday night: “Rip, we will miss you”.

Rob Farris, Outside Television vice president of production and programming said that words could not express a great loss that has hit the channel family.

Roner was born and grew up in northern California. During his life cultivated a fan base due to his amazing sky-Base jump excursions.  He appeared on the MTV series “Nitro Circus”.   His video in You Tube has almost half a million views. On Outdoor TV, he used to host “Local”.

Roner will be remembered for his fearlessness. He used to put himself in seemingly uncontrollable circumstances.  When asked why he used to risk his life, he used to answer that everything was calculated and he could not carry out what he could not manage.

Last year, he created a spectacular display. Getting his inspiration from the movie “up”, he sat in an unbalanced lawn chair and 90 balloons lifted him 8,000 feet in the air.

Roner’s website contains his biography which is concluded with a statement from Hunter Thomson: “Faster, Faster, Faster till the excitement of speed overpowers the fear of death”.

When he was a small kid, Eric Roner loved risking. One time his mother told a story, as a young boy, Roner wanted to join bungee jumpers who he saw on a bridge.

Roner has left his wife and two children.


Image source: www.reviewjournal.com