Daily Celebrity Crossword – An App for all

Are you a crossword puzzle addict and would like to spend your spare time solving crossword puzzles and keeping your brain sharp? If the answer is yes then we would like to share with you a very entertaining crossword puzzle app for all ages!

Daily Celebrity Crossword is an app developed by PuzzleSocial Inc in which, as the name refers, you are given every single day a new crossword puzzle and you have to correctly find all the crossword clues. The app has been featured on various popular news sites such as WSJ, Yahoo, CBS This Morning and many more. The easy-to-use application along with the unique crossword clues shared daily with anyone make this app a top contender for your free time.

Daily Celebrity Crossword is available for all major platforms such as iOS / Android and Amazon. In case you are stuck and are looking for help on specific crossword clues you can visit the official website for all the answers by clicking here.

For every completed puzzle you are given coins which you can later use when stuck on specific clues. Daily Celebrity Crossword (or shortly DCC) has been downloaded millions of times across various platforms