Cristiano Ronaldo responded to rape accusations

Cristiano Ronaldo said his lawyers are confident and the truth always comes out, answering for the first time questions about the rape that has been done against him.

“I am glad, of course, I’m not going to lie in this situation. I’m very happy. My lawyers, they are confident and, of course, I am, too. The most important thing is I enjoy the football, I enjoy my life. The rest, I have people who take care of my life. Of course, the truth is always coming in the first position. So, I’m good.”

Catherine Mayorca blames Ronaldo for raping her at a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009.

“I know I am an example. I know, 100 per cent,” he declared. “On the pitch and outside the pitch. So I am always smiling, I am happy man, I’m blessed that I play in a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy. I have everything. So the rest, it doesn’t interfere on me. I’m very, very well.”

“We have to respect Manchester United – fantastic team, experienced coach – but I expect and look forward that Juventus will win the game,” said Ronaldo.

“It’s a huge thing to come back. I remember what it was like in Manchester. My history, I won lots of trophies, cups, leagues, the Champions League. I remember the support of the fans. Sir Alex Ferguson, to whom I send a big hug. I never forget him. He was a huge lift in my career and I express best wishes to him. When I knew we would be playing Manchester United, it was huge for me.

“Now I’m happy to be at such a great team like Juventus. It’s a new chapter in my life after Manchester United and Real Madrid. I’m a happy man and a lucky man, too.”