Couple had sex on Ryanair flight in front of all passengers

Mad for sex was a young couple on a Ryanair flight, leaving the passengers speechless with their undesirable behaviour. The two of them did not even bother to use the toilet and they decided to become a sight for all the passengers flying from Manchester to Ibiza.

Surprised from their behavior travelers watched the girl climb to her partner and start the mad sex!

21-year-old Kieran Williams from Preston was surprised to see the couple. “I heard them at first talking about having sex, but I thought they were joking. The guy shouted if we had a condom. We all laughed, but ten minutes later they started having sex in front of all of us! They looked drunk. We saw the girl pull down her pants, as also the man did, and then she sat on him. I had to get my cell phone and record it. I have never seen it before.

A woman sitting next to the couple asked to sit elsewhere, but none of the air staff did anything to stop them. They have not even said anything to them, “he stressed. A company spokesman said they were looking into the incident.