Couple had sex inside the bus

Passion and sexual apetite are often unstoppable and lead us to movements that we can not say that are smart. It happens, though. The couple on London bus 149, however, could not wait to reach home and thought ita was a good idea to have sex in the bus.

In front of the eyes of the other passengers they began to tease and things got worst when the woman took off her blouse and went up to her partner, so that both of them had complete sexual intercourse.

It is reasonable that other passengers tried not to look at the couple who had sex and keep their temper. One of the surprised passengers told Metro how “our treatment was very British. No one was looking. The man once again, as he sounded satisfaction, made a subversion to the few who were looking at them. ”

The bad thing about the unstoppable couple was that they did not manage to get to the end, as at some point the driver asked them to get out of the bus. Something that finally happened.