Could Blueberries cure Alzheimer’s Disease ?

We all know blueberries are “superfoods”; every gym trainer and fitness expert swears by them, as well as all other berries from strawberries to acai berries… they’re all super! However, new research by the University of Cincinnati’s Academic Health Center shows that blueberries may help cure Alzheimer’s !

It is widely known that Alzheimer’s has no cure, but can simply be delayed with proper medication. But being so rich and saturated with anti-oxidants, scientists are wondering whether blueberries can aid in preventing this terrible form of dementia. Several studies have been previously conducted on animals and a couple preliminary studies have been performed on humans, and all have shown that blueberries aid in boosting memory and cognitive thinking in some older adults.

Scientists think this could be due to the flavonoid found in them, called anthocyanin, which has been shown to improve cognition with animals. Moreover, the 2 human studies that have followed the clinical trials proved that blueberries were more effective at treating developed cognitive impairments. But for minor memory issues or with people who have no yet shown cognitive problems, the results could not be measured.

So, our advice is stock up on those blueberries because despite there being no definitive proof yet, they’re absolutely delicious and healthy!