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Could 2016 Be The Year to Defeat Cancer ?!

Several new and successful cancer treatments seem to be seeing the light of day this year, and 2016 promises to continue on this very bright path!

One treatment being studied for Breast Cancer by the Institute of Cancer Research in London is in fact the combination of two drugs, an established hormone drug Fulvestrant and a new treatment Palbociclib. After studying this treatment on 521 women, scientists found that it delays tumor growth for up to 9 months which delayed the need for harsh chemotherapy. Another surprise was that for every one in five women, the tumor actually shrunk in size!

The basic findings mean that women could wait longer before having to resort to chemo, which was so harsh and unbearable that many women chose to go off it. This combo drug is currently still under testing, but the doctors behind it are contacting officials to make sure it is made available on the NHS as soon as possible.


Another even more fascinating treatment has been found by doctors at Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center; this treatment is described as “ground breaking” and “game changing”. This drug is Keytruda, the biggest breakthrough weapon in the latest and most successful forms of cancer treatment, immune-therapy. This drug boosts the immune system, allowing the T-cells to hunt down and destroy cancer cells.

When cancer enters a body, it’s immune system gets stumped; somehow, it does not recognize cancer as a threat, and allows the cells to attack each other. However, with Keytruda, the immune system is reactivated against cancer so that the body could destroy it. It many of the volunteer patients, immune therapy didn’t have to continue; after treating them for three or four months, the patient’s body did not need any more immunity boosts as the immune system was doing the needed job alone.

On the studied patients with Melanoma, which a couple years ago rarely anyone survived, the cancer tumors seemed to shrink after about 3 months, and then disappear completely at around 6 months! The James Graham Brown Cancer Center hopes to perfect this cure, which is currently being tried on skin and lung cancer patients, within the next 10 years. However, the doctors at the center are currently pushing for the drug to be approved which would make it available for all patients in need.

Not to mention that the doctors working on these treatments commented on the reason why these drugs have taken so long to be discovered, and will probably take a decade to be ready for public use; most doctors seem to value the money that enters their pockets more than they do the lives of patients. Because if that were not true, more doctors would have patients participate in the free clinical trials, which would intern quicken the pace for the treatments to be released.