The connection between Charles Manson and Marilyn Manson

The connection between Charles Mnason and the famous singer Marilyn Manson was a letter that the serial killer send on 2012. The letter actually doesn’t make any sense but it gives an insight of the psyche of  serial killar who will stay in prison for the rest of his life.

To Marilyn Manson –

It’s taken me a long time to get there from where I could touch M. Manson. Now I got a card to play – you may look into my non-profit, ATWA, and give Manson what you think he’s got coming for Air, Trees, Water, and you. Or I will pay Manson what you think Manson got coming – the music has make Manson into Abraxas Devil, and I’m SURE you would want some of what I got from what I got. It’s a far out balance. Beyond good and bad, right, wrong. What you don’t do is what I will do – what you did a sing-along, and let it roll and said how you saved me a lot of steps – I don’t need, it’s not a need or a want. Couped – coup. Ghost dancers slay together and you’re just in my grave Sunstroker Corona-coronas-coronae – you seen me from under with it all standing on me. That’s 2 dump trucks – doing the same as CMF 000007

Charles Manson

The famous singer as it was reporetd, never replied to serial killer’s letter,  also it was never confirmed that it was even red by Marilyn Manson!