Colombia: For the first time a marriage of three people was recognized

Colombia, where homosexual marriage was legalized in 2016, formally recognized a family of three men at the beginning of the month. “We wanted to formalize our home, our family. There was nothing legal to recognize us as a family, “said Viktor Ougo Prada, one of the three members of this union.

“We are a family, a ‘polygamous’ family. It’s the first time in Colombia, “he added.

This marriage involves a physical education teacher and a journalist who in 2000 had their first public homosexual marriage in Colombia.

Although such relationships are not uncommon, it is the first time they have “legitimized”, explained German Rincon Perfeti, a lawyer of the LGBT association. “It is a recognition that there are other family forms,” ​​he said. In Colombia homosexual couples have the right to adopt children, whether they are the biological children of one of the couple or not.