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CodyCross – An Exciting New Crossword-Type Game!

CodyCross is the latest game developed by Fanatee who has crushed the appstore rankings this week. For everyone who is looking to pass some time and keep their brain sharp, CodyCross is the ideal app where the challenging crossword clues will keep you entertained all day long!

CodyCross - A New Crossword Experience!
CodyCross – A New Crossword Experience!

How does it work?

There are 7 different worlds and the first one is based upon our planet, hence Planet Earth. You are given a group of 20 different categories, each containing 5 puzzles. Every single puzzle has various crossword clues for you to solve. The interesting twist about this game is that there is a hidden word which you have to find after you have successfully solved all the crossword clues given in any of the puzzles. All the answers have 8 letters so its going to be even more challenging for any of you who are lucking to test your linguistic skills.

In case you are stuck on a specific level you can always use the in-app purchases and get hints. If you are looking for a better solution (and free) then there are already sites out there providing all the codycross answers for all levels.

Unfortunately this game is solely available for iOS at the moment but the developers (Fanatee) have publicly announced that an Android version will be coming soon!