Health and Climate Change are Forever Linked Together

A slight change in weather such as a cold spell or a heat wave, will have a direct effect on humans whether we like it or not. A typhoon could wipe out our clean drinking water or food source will definitely affect our health immediately. Climate change in its regular appearance or usual occurrences can affect human health like no other.

What will happen when the big one comes? Of course’ when the inevitable happens, we can be sure that whatever progress we have made concerning our health and well being won’t hold long and we will be subjected to a total annihilation and nothing in what ever advancements we have managed to developed won’t hold long to protect us.

A twenty feet flood, gigantic tsunamis, massive heatwave, could punish us for the abuses we have inflected on nature.

The Lancet medical journal published a report proclaiming that environmental change represents a risk so awesome to the health and well being of people, it could wipe out any progress in health made in the course of recent years.

 “Effect of environmental change on worldwide health could be gigantic through the immediate health impacts, as well as in view of diminished social steadiness if individuals are compelled to move or escape,” announced the worldwide health educator at the Umea University in Sweden, Peter Byass.

 The published report uncovered the health outcome of direct environmental change are connected with elevated recurrence and power of great climate conditions, similar to heat waves, tempests, surges and dry seasons.

 Circuitous effects emerge from changes in impacts of outflows, contamination designs, and vulnerability about the accessibility of nourishment.

 Health impacts are additionally identified with the automatic flight of individuals from influenced territories or arranged movement of individuals because of approaching changes of living conditions.


All things considered, taking a few to get back some composure with environmental change can likewise exhibit open doors for worldwide well-being, the analysts said.

“Meanwhile, we know that mitigation and adaptation around climate change can have positive health effects, for example, both by reducing emissions and improving dietary habits.  Effective climate action may actually prove to be one of the greatest opportunities to also improve global health that we have ever had,” said Byass.

 The report prescribes for another autonomous worldwide activity arrangement. A ‘Countdown to 2030: Climate Change and Health Action,’ ‘ which goes for framing an association that screen and report like clockwork to the United Nations on how connections between health status and environmental change are influenced.