Climate change cause of migration in the future

Climate change is not the main cause of immigration today but could become in the future, consider the residents of four European countries. Research conducted on a sample of 4,000 UK residents, Germany, France and Norway found that most respondents believe that climate change is not now an important reason for mass migration, but nearly 40% believe that this will lead to an increase of the number of immigrants in the future.

The research, carried out by the University of Cardiff in Wales in partnership with organizations in Germany, France and Norway, they aimed to study the perceptions of four countries citizens about climate change and how they relate to science, public policy, renewable and immigration. Research is one of the first to record the Europeans’ views on climate change as a potential catalyst for migration, said Nick Pitzon, professor of Cardiff and head of research.

The problem is that “it is almost impossible to prove” that climate change contributes significantly to migration, Pitzon said  at a panel that discussed the findings of the investigation. The majority of respondents in all four countries – at a rate of 54% in Germany to 70% in France – agree that climate change is causing migration. A little more, however, believe that their country can be experienced in future immigration waves associated with climate change, including the 57% of respondents in Norway.