Clark Gable found dead of drug overdose

Clark Gable III, 30, took a fatal dose of fentanyl, oxycodone and alprazolam (generic Xanax), according to an autopsy report from Dallas County released on Friday. 

Kayley Gable, 32, said she called her estranged father, John Clark Gable, 57, to tell him about the tragic news.

‘I’m sorry, as my brother is in a coffin I’m standing up for him, as I always have, and the world needs to know the truth. I’m putting this out before you start telling lies,’ she wrote.

‘John F*** YOU!! Your (sic) the one who got us high on drugs and did drugs in front of us as kids and tortured us and especially Clark so I’m going to write a book and let the world know the truth!! Im Disgusted I’m related to you! bring it ON!!!!! your (sic) the druggie!!!!’