Chinese and Russian vessels follow the American armada which heading to North Korea

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, sent a fleet to the region under the leadership of Carl Vinson as a warning sign to the authoritarian government on the chemical weapons programs carried out and developed in recent years.

North Korea has repeatedly defied US economic sanctions and international pressure regarding the nuclear plant. In 2016 the country held two test nuclear devices and another one in 2017, and has made it clear that it would give “answers without mercy” to accept any challenges from the United States.

Trump in turn described the fleet as “Armada” and said that the submarines sent are “much stonger than warships.” The Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun said that “multiple sources” from the government confirmed that China and Russia have sent ships to follow the armada of Carl Vinson.

Generally considered that China is the only country that can restrain North Korea’s appetites but until now has refused to do as it wants to prevent a possible collapse of the regime, which will inevitably lead to migration crisis in the border.

In recent months has shown signs of willingness to help the international community to force North Korea to slow down. On February banned all imports of coal from the country and last week sent 150,000 troops to the border.

The National Security Council of Trump Government HR McMaster said that “all options are open,” even that of military intervention. Beijing has called on both countries to avoid “irreversible progress” in the war and warned that a conflict could break out “at any moment”. The Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, said: “If any war happens, the result is a situation where everyone will come out of losers and no winner.