Chinese began to gather data from the invisible side of the Moon

The collection of data from the invisible side of the moon began with the Jadehase 2 robotic vehicle, the vehicle carried by the Chinese satellite Chang’e 4, which for some hours has been laid on the moon side that we can not see.

In the images that arrived on Earth, the robotic vehicle appears to have unfolded its solar mirrors.

Jadehase 2 has six independent drive wheels and can travel up to 200 meters per hour. The vehicle can slant up to 20 degrees and overcome obstacles up to 20 centimeters in size. The surface in the landing field is quite soft, said Shen Henong, who designed the vehicle. “It’s like walking in the snow,” he said on Chinese state television.

“A small step for the robotic vehicle, a giant leap for the Chinese nation,” said the chief designer of the vehicle, Wu Wiren, paraphrasing the words of the American astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first man to have been on the moon about 50 years ago .

China, after the Soviet Union and the United States, is the third country that has managed to bring a vehicle to the moon, but it has become the first to do so on the invisible side of the Earth’s satellite.

The unmanned spacecraft was hauled into the Aitken crater near the southern pole of the moon. Chinese state television talked about a historic day.

As announced by the CNSA, the Jadehase 2 robotic vehicle will explore the Moon’s geological composition and make biological experiments.