Chinese attack helicopter made his maiden flight

The export version of the Chinese military helicopter Z-19 E today made its maiden flight to Harbin in the northeast Chinese region of Heilongjiang, according to a report by the Chinese Xinhua practitioner.

The helicopter maneuvered and flew low over the airport to show its capabilities. The new-generation model, intended for export, was built by Harbin’s Aerospace Industry to meet the needs of the international military market, according to the state-owned AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China).

This is the latest type of military helicopter with row seats and China’s first attack helicopter to export. “It can be used to boost the battlefield and a series of other missions in a complex battlefield environment both day and night,” said AVIC executive.

With a maximum weight of 4,250 kg on take-off, the Z-19 E is a lightweight military helicopter with obvious advances in takeoff and flight speed, according to the manufacturer. It is primarily intended for attacks on tanks, armed vehicles, defense projects and other land targets. It can provide direct fire support to terrestrial forces, attack helicopters and other low-altitude targets, fly at a very low height and within a helicopter convoy.