China launched its first private missile

China launched the first rocket to build a private Chinese company. This development was marked by state-owned Chinese media as the last landmark in the country’s ambitious space program. President Si has set as one of his priorities to make China a superpower in space, with the pinpointing orbiting of a permanent manned space station around Earth in about 2022.

The launch of the Chongqing Liangjiang Star missile, developed by Beijing-based OneSpace Technology, marks the first time a private Chinese rocket has been successfully launched. The rocket, also known as OS-XO, has a solid fuel engine and can place a weight of 100 kilograms on orbit up to 800 km from our planet.

OneSpace was founded in 2015 and is encouraged by the Chinese government to participate in the development of the country’s space program, in the example of the US, where the presence of the private sector is becoming more and more noticeable, with the case of Space X of Elon Mask .

The Chinese company expects that in 2019 it will launch ten launches and, as the founder of Su Chang said, will gradually become one of the largest small satellites launch companies in the world.