China forbids domestic companies to cooperate with Apple

Apple publishes a list of its suppliers, which are more than 200 in 43 countries. Among them, there are a lot of Chinese companies, as well as from Taiwan.

In China, since Deng Shaojing, special economic zones have been created, although Apple does not publish in detail what the companies are and what parts of the device they supply.

One of the companies that supplies Apple batteries to iPhone is Sunwoda Electronics, based in Shenzhen. From the same company, Samsung is supplied with batteries as well. BYD, a subsidiary of the Chinese automotive industry, also supplies other mobile segments and is among Apple’s suppliers.

Names less well known, such as ACC Tecnologies, Cathay Tat Ming Precision Metal Products (metals), Chengdu Homin Technology, China Circuit Technology, are just some of those used by Apple.

Taiwanese companies are working together to build the iPhone and will be targeted by Chinese sanctions. The Chips A, designed by Apple, are manufactured by TSMC, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. Its factories are also located in China and Taiwan. The iPhone is assembled by Foxconn, with large facilities in the Asian giant. Apple is also partnering with another Taiwanese company, Pegatron, which, due to the trade war, has transferred some of its factories to Indonesia.

But, China will cause other problems to Apple. Donald Trump banned the sale of Huawei phones in the US, Shi Jinping will do the same with iPhones.

Only Huawei is not present on the US market, but instead the Chinese market accounted for only 15% of Apple’s sales in 2018. Let’s not forget that Google, Amazon, Facebook is not present in China, but Apple is and is the exception to the rule.