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Childhood cancer all September

September is the month dedicated to “Childhood cancer”. Any disease to the child is pretty unbearable for the parents. Especially if the ailment is as dreadful as cancer, then the struggle of the child as well as the care takers increases to a thousand folds.

Leukemia is the most common kind of cancer found in this age group. These are the cancers which arise in bone marrow cells, affecting the immature red cells, making them unable to survive and form normal component of the blood. According to statistics provided, leukemia makes around 30 percent of all the childhood cancers.

The second common childhood cancer is that which arises in the region of brain and central nervous system. It makes up to 26 percent of this category of disease in children. Brain tumors mostly arise in parts of the brain which are situated at a lower level, such as cerebellum and the brain stem.

Although the exact cause of cancer development in a person is still a mystery, yet, the causes of cancer adults is mostly attributed to environmental factors and lifestyle, whereas those in children are linked to anomalies in the DNA sequencing and structure (American Cancer Society).

Fortunately, childhood cancer is more likely to respond to treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, however, these treatments also bring along lifetime side effects.

According to the American Cancer Society, advancements in science have led to increase in the lifespan of such children. About eighty percent of cancer affected children after proper treatment, can survive up to five years or more, which is quite a big achievement as compared to the 58% mortality rate due to childhood cancer in the period during mid 1970.

The American Cancer Society is a great help, when it comes to providing information regarding all about childhood cancer, its treatment, the health care system, financial and insurance matters, nutrition for the child, etc.