Child lost one finger and his right eye when his cell phone exploded in his hands






A boy from China was found covered with blood in his home, as his mobile phone suddenly exploded while charging. The explosion was so intense that 12-year-old Meng Jisu, who was holding his phone, suffered serious injuries in his right hand and was blinded by his right eye.

Jisu, from the province of Guangxi in southern China, had to undergo a five-hour surgery to be saved and hospitalized, according to the Chinese media. The incident occurred in Guangxi Province on January 31, according to China News.

This mobile phone is said to be the Hua Tang VT-V59 brand, which is manufactured in China. From the explosion, Jisu immediately broke his right marker. Also, sharp plastic objects were ejected into his face, causing serious damage to his right eye.

X-rays showed the heavy damage the palm and fingers suffered after the explosion. Jisu’s older sister said in Pear Video, a Chinese video platform, that she heard a loud sound and saw her brother covered in blood.

Jisu lost her senses when the phone exploded. Lan Tianbing, the head of the local hospital, said the boy’s finger had been cut off and could not be repositioned.