A child was abandoned by his mother at the age of 11 when a cancerous tumor ate his face

A boy who lived with a cancerous tumor who had covered his entire face and prevented him from breathing properly found a life-saving treatment. Kambou Sie was abandoned by his mother because she could not manage the distortion of his face.

The boy suffered from his life-threatening illness at the age of 11, and his father was too poor to be able to help him. Kambou Sie underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell replacement surgery to reduce tumor volume. And after months of intensive treatment, the tests showed that the swelling of the Kambou Sie’s face had changed significantly.

He said: “At first my face was so big that I could not do anything. I have almost finished my chemotherapy and everything has deflated. My face is much better now. ”

Thanks to the support of philanthropic organizations and the help of doctors, this powerful boy now has hopes for a new life.