Charles Manson’s last words!

Notorious murderer Charles Manson died at the age of 83-year-old. His death was caused by natural causes. Charles Manson who had been transfered to Bakerfield Hospital last week and was hospitalized with an armed guard.

“He won’t make it.” These were the words of a person from the closely related environment of the notorious murderer to TMZ journalist.

In the 1960s, Manson, who had a tattoo-swastika between his eyebrows, gathered a group of people at his home in Los Angeles and formed the “Manson Family” organization, whose members were devoted  on his face. In the summer of 1969, he asked his youngest followers to murder seven people in order to cause racial clashes.

While he was ordering the murders, he did not participate in them. Among the victims was also Saron Tate, the wife of Roman Polansky, who was 8 months pregnant and was stabbed 16 times by the members of the organization.

In 1971 he was sentenced to death, but later the sentence was converted to 9 times life imprisoment. As was reported 10 minutes before dying Charles Manson whispered he was sorry for what he caused.