Charles Manson leaves all his property to his … pen friend?






Charles Manson had written the will of 2002, according to which he left all his property to his correspondent, the only friend he had.

The correspondent – who asked to remain anonymous – began writing Manson in the 1990s and exchanged letters and phone calls very often. They have done this for 2 decades! The man also visited him in jail sometimes.

A copy was found that the authorities say has been written by Manson. It is typed, but there is a manuscript in the document. This, of course, was first tested, as the authorities compared this will with other Manson’s writings, and indeed the letters were his own.






The testament states that Manson leaves all his personal belongings, money, rights to his images and music, and everything else belonging to that man, but which also reveals something else. He is also responsible for the burial of Manson’s pile, which if he does not do so in 10 days, he will be cremated in California’s prisons.

Manson had officially denied his children, his family and his friends, and kept contacts only with his pen pal.