Charge your device wireless

Wireless charging is not new for us now, although there are still companies that do not use it. The NFC is also something new. The first phone to use this technology was the Nokia 6131, released in 2006.

The NFC is a short-range wireless technology that operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and transfers data at a rate up to 424 kbps and has become known mainly through smartphones. The operation is based on contact or approach, about four to five centimeters of the device that contains the NFC chip to another device that includes an appropriate sensor.

What is new however, is the combination of these two technologies from Sony. Sony has created a new invention which allows the loading of a device, the remaining power of the other device via the NFC.
This in short means that if for example a day, the battery in your device quickly empties and you have at your disposal the charger powerbank, you can easily fill it just touching your device with another that supports NFC.

However, the way we will operate this new technology, is not described in detail by Sony because the patent is still in its infancy.

This new patent is a very interesting thought from Sony, as it can make our devices even more portable, since you can now share the strength of your battery with others.