How do you change engine oil in a Bugatti Veyron

Houston Krosta, CEO of the luxury truck company, Royalty Exotic Cars, has decided to carry out the typical Bugatti Veyron service on his own. The reason was not to save the $ 21,000 cost of service. When you have the ability to buy such an expensive car, you really don’t care for this kind of expences such as maintenance costs, insurance, consumption.

He just wanted to find out exactly why it takes 27 hours and so much money to complete the process of a typical service for that particular vehicle! With a mechanic of his company, he and his crew put the $ 2 million hypermarket into the workshop and got a job.

In order to be able to control vehicle fluids, changing oils, oil filters and air filters, they had to dismantle almost all of the Veyron back, even the rear wheels, in order to gain access to the engine compartment.

A particularly laborious task that requires precision and care so as not to cause a problem in the carbon-fiber engine cover as well as in the rear spoiler mechanism. The whole process was recorded in a 20 minute video, which was posted to the YouTube channel on youtube.