This century we will have a contact with aliens, reveals a physicist

By 2100 at the latest, people will have contact with aliens appreciated by the well-known physicist and writer Mickius Cacou. Cacou is not sure if it will be a direct “close” contact or, most likely, a distance communication. Neither tells whether they will be friendly or hostile extraterrestrials.

The distinguished American-Japanese professor of theoretical physics at New York City College speaking at Reddit, estimated that the most likely “is to get in touch with an extraterrestrial culture in this century by listening to their radiocommunications “.

But, as he said, “talking to them will be difficult, because they can be tens of light years away. So in the meantime, we need to decode their language to understand the level of their technology and their intentions. Will they be expansive and aggressive or peaceful? ”

Another possibility, he said, “will be to land in the Garden of the White House and announce their existence. But I think this is unlikely, because we will probably look like forest animals for them, that is, unworthy to communicate with them. ”

Scientists’ predictions differ spectacularly about when humanity can come in contact with aliens. Some estimate that this will happen in the next 1,500 years, while others until 2040. Some – such as British physicist Theory Stephen Hawking – warn of the serious dangers of such contact, as it is likely to lead to the complete disappearance of human race (or other pleasant scenarios).

More probable and more harmless – but not entirely harmless – is the discovery of alien microbes by astrobiologists and astronomers over the next two to three decades.

In his new book, “The Future of Humanity” (Doubleday, 2018), Cucu speculates how extraterrestrials could be, based on interviews with experts in exobiology. Among other things, it is very likely that they will have stereoscopic vision to be able to see and chase their prey, a kind of limbs or aphids to pick up objects, and a language or form of communication.