Celine Dion, the diva singer and the businesswoman

Since the death of Renee Angelella, Celine Dion is alone and has to manage the empire they have created for 30 years. Changing the image and its collaborators Celine fully supports the demands of the life of a diva and a businesswoman.

She recently released an album in French and prepares a second in English, following a double career, and now follows a new lifestyle away from the media.

Celine Dion’s business in 2016 received more than $ 42 million and is the 43rd richest woman in the United States, with a fortune of $ 400 million, supervised by the singer through her company Les Productions Feelings, which she created in 1982.

Since she was 18, Celine Dion was the producer of her albums, her music, organizing her performances, her world tours, distribution and producing albums for other artists. In her business, the superstar has joined her brother,Michael two of his sisters and his son Rene from hir previous marriage to Patrick Angel.

Celine’s estate is managed by Aldo Gianpaolo’s manager, whom Renee hired in 2014. Last year, the singer, to satisfy both the French-speaking and the English-speaking audience, made two different performances tailored to each audience.