CBS president is accused for sexual harassment

CBS President and CEO Les Moonves is accused of sexual harassment of six women, whose testimony was published on Friday in The New Yorker. Of the six suspected victims of Leslie Munes, the four said how the former actor touched or kissed them with violence. Three of them spoke with the faces covered.

The events unfolded over many decades, from the mid-1980s, when Munaves did not work at CBS where he went in 1995, until the early 2000s. Many of the victims also complain that they have received threats from the head of the television network after they refused his proposals, while their refusal had an impact on their career as well.

In a statement released by CBS, 68-year-old Mouvees, one of America’s most prominent television executives, admitted that “for many decades” she made suggestions to women, which she “regrets deeply” but appreciated that she never reached the limit sexual harassment.

“I always understood and respected that” no “means” no “. I always keep this principle, “she said. “I have never used my position to hurt or hinder one’s career,” he added.

In addition to the specific case of Moonves, the New Yorker denounces that CBS generally prevails in a culture that promotes sexual harassment. It also refers to other cases, such as that of presenter Charlie Rose, who was fired in November after eight women accused him of sexual harassment.

In a statement CBS states that the picture presented in the magazine does not reflect the reality of a company that “treats tens of thousands of its employees with dignity and respect”. Ronan Farrow, son of Woody Allen and Mia Farow, who was honored in the spring with Pulitzer for his article, revealed the sexual harassment suffered by many women from Hollywood’s famous producer Harvey Waining.

In an unusual move before publishing the article, CBS issued a notice announcing the launch of an internal investigation.

“The independent members of the Board of Directors of the CBS undertook to investigate any complaint about breach of the company’s internal regulations, “it said in a press release issued by the group. Once this research, which includes many decades-long categories, the Board of Governors will examine the findings and take the necessary action,” he added.

After taking the reins of CBS in 2003, Lesceli Mouvees pulled the television network out of the difficult position it had throughout the 1990s, bringing it to the top of the screen. His successes include The Big Bang Theory, CSI and Survivor.