This cat has a great story!

Masha is a cat with long hair who lives in the Russian city of Obninsk. She lived like a stray close to a building where the residents knew and liked her. Because she was very smart, they were feeding her. But one day proved that she was a real member of their community. It was January, which means that Russia has extreme cold. A 65 years old Madeschda Machikowa  heard a scream coming from the stairs. She thought it was Masha, which she adored. So she hurried down the stairs to help.

But when she approached, she realized that the sound was not coming from the cat. Down the stairs she found a cardboard box and when she looked inside she did not believe in her eyes. Saw Masha curled into the box next to a baby. The cat gently beaded his face and tried to calm it down.Madeschda shocked and cried.

What monster could leave the baby under the icy staircase? Next to the baby was a stack of diapers and once Madeschda took it in her hands, immediately seemed to calm down. If it was not the stray cat, probably Madeschda had never come out of her apartment and the baby might have died. When the ambulance came to transfer the baby in hospital, Masha meow without stopping. Even tried to follow the ambulance to stay together with her little friend.