Captain Cook’s Ship HMS Endeavour Discovered off NewPort Harbor

Marine archaeologists have been searching for the lost wreck of Captain Cook, the HMS Endeavour for many years but may finally have found his famous ship sunken in shallow waters off the coast of Providence, Rhode Island. Explorers searching the sea bed believe they may have located the wreckage of Captain James Cook’s ship Endeavour in a shallow channel.

Scientists have been actively trawling the ocean floor around the coast of Providence for many decades looking for the ship and other naval vessels of it’s era.

Archaeologists always knew that Cook’s ship Endeavour was more than likely to be one of 13 ships that were scuttled in 1778 by the British navy. They ships were scuttled in order to blockade a channel preventing the movement of shipping and troops during the American War of Independence.

It was only after they uncovered new documents and literature from the National Archives back in the United Kingdom that the marine research team were able to narrow down the final resting place of the Endeavour to within just a tight two square mile area of ocean sea floor off the coast of Newport harbor near Rhode Island.

Marine archaeologists and explorers now say they believe the three masted vessel is among a cluster of similar sunken wrecks. These ships were scuttled off Newport Harbor in the year of 1778.

The HMS Endeavour Might Have Been There all Along

The marine archaeologists responsible for heading up the search for Cook’s ship believe there are actually five ships lying wrecked on the sea bed in the shallow channel, four of these old naval vessels they have already identified.

The hunt is now urgently on to locate Cook’s ship which could well be the fifth wreck, although it could also be one of the other four ships. Hence extensive analysis of the underwater wrecks will be needed to prove which of the five ships is Captain Cook’s vessel, the Endeavour.

Lead investigator and marine researcher Dr Kathy Abbass told The Weekly Observer: “We may have been looking right at her without even knowing it.

The marine research group from the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project is inspired to have located and properly explored the fifth wreck by this summer 2016.

Captain Cook’s ship the HMS Endeavour is one of the most famous ships in naval and marine time history.

Captain James Cook sailed his ship, the Endeavour acros the globe to Australia and New Zealand in the year 1768.