Cannabis oil saved a patient at the last stage of cancer!

Stan Rutner was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and underwent conventional treatment. The cancer fell back in 1989 and the patient felt he had escaped the risk. Then, in 2011, he suffered a chronic cough. He went to his doctor who diagnosed pneumonia and prescribed conventional therapy. Once the pneumonia subsided, the doctor submitted Stan to examinations and found that Stage 4 lung cancer had metastasized his brain – Stan also had an inactive tumor in the brain.

At that time, Stan was about 79 years old. He underwent a conventional form of chemotherapy and radiation, which caused him a rapid deterioration in his health. Having lost a lot of weight (already his weight was not good), he suffered chronic exhaustion and continued nausea – all the complications of conventional cancer treatment.

Four months after the onset of treatment, Stan entered the hospital with pneumonitis because of radiation. According to

“Radiation pulmonary disease (RILD), a lung disease caused by radiation, is a frequent complication of radiotherapy in thoracic or intrathoracic malignancies and can take a variety of forms, depending on when the patient was depicted.”

The “portrayed” sounds like they took a photo. Of course not! This is an example of the fact that treatment does not correct the problem and causes a second.
Stan was treated with oxygen. Three weeks later, doctors gave him four weeks of life.

Stan had tried alternative therapies like Reiki and acupuncture during his illness, but they have not proven effective for him. He was about to die. Stan’s family could not stand to see him as vulnerable and sick. His daughter and fiancĂ©e examined the use of cannabis in cancer treatment and suggested Stan to try cannabis oil only to relieve his nausea. Stan thought he had nothing to lose, so he tried it.

After a week of capsule-taking hemp, Stan stopped taking oxygen. Within two weeks, nausea was relieved, his appetite improved, gained weight and his strength improved significantly. Stan quit the hospital and continued to take cannabis capsules every day and started exercising. Five months after this treatment, Stan went to the exam doctor. Barb’s husband says:

“On January 27, 2013, we received the results of Stan MRI magnetic resonance imaging by email from his oncologist, who simply stated:” Impressive: There are no signs of recurrent disease. ” Lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain in the summer of 2011 (and nearly cost him life) had disappeared! The doctor considered it a miracle. We are deeply grateful to the “team” of doctors, friends and family, but we always believe that cannabis made it possible. “