Candy Crush and Tetris can reduce the effects of traumatic flashbacks, supports new research!

Candy Crush and Tetris is redusing traumatic flashbacks, This supports after years of research professor at Karolinska University in Stockholm and lecturer at Oxford University in clinical psychology, Emily Holmes. Specifically, she discovered that the colors, designs and toy moves can act as post traumatic stress improvement medicines. The key is the simplicity of the game, which is imprinted in the visual memory in a unique way.

Dr. Holmes and the group gave the “therapeutic Tetris” in patients who have undergone serious traffic accidents and were diagnosed with traumatic shock. Initially, patients were asked to visualize in their minds the accident and then play Tetris. The research team discovered that it took only 20 minutes to get distracted patients from bad memories, which they had created the accident.

If a patient submitted to this process in a short time after the accident, then this can help block bad memories stored in the brain in a particularly intense way.” According to the survey even other games such as Candy Crash Saga, which require special focus and attention, could lead to similar results.

Tetris was created in June 1984 by Alexey Patzitnof, researcher in artificial intelligence of the Computer Division of the Soviet Academy of Moscow Research. As we know, the game is quite simple. The player tries to create complete lines with irregular blocks. When you complete a line, it disappears making room for new blocks. This simplicity is the key to healing traumatic stress.