Cancer test detect 10 forms of cancer before they even occur

Researchers at the US have developed a revolutionary blood test, which promises to detect ten types of cancer for many months or even some years before their first symptoms appear to the patient. As is understandable, if this test is really so … it will be an invaluable tool in the hands of doctors and is expected to save the lives of thousands of people.

In the tests that were performed, 1,600 people did the examination and the accuracy of its results reached 90%, after almost succeeding in distinguishing healthy individuals and those who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. In fact, the test was able to identify four people who were experiencing a problem in the group of healthy subjects who were diagnosed with cancer a few months later.

“We have to do with the sacred chalice of anti-cancer research, find cancers, and even cancers that are difficult to trace. We hope this test will save many lives. Most cancers are detected too late, but this examination, which is essentially a wet biopsy, enables us to detect cancers months or even years before symptoms appear, “says research team leader Erik Klein, a professor at the Cleveland Center in Ohio.

The researchers will present a detailed presentation of the test and trials at the annual American Clinical Oncology Congress, to be held in Chicago. According to the researchers, once the tests have been completed and the test is finalized, it will be able to produce results within two weeks of taking the sample.