Cancer patient saved from the wife of her ex-husband

The doctors had told Nicholas Hitshen that she only had 4 months of life. Last March, she was diagnosed with cancer at the fourth stage. However, Claire Hitsen, the wife of her ex-husband, proved to be her guardian angel when everyone told her there was no cure and the best she had to do was to accept her approaching to the end and to prepare her children her for that.

The 41-year-old decided not to be so sick, so she agreed to travel from Britain to Turkey and undergo a series of pioneering chemotherapies. However, the cost was unbearable, so the ex-husband’s wife, Claire Hitsen, along with Anne Hitsen’s ex-husband, started a massive fundraising campaign to save Nicholas’ life.

The campaign yielded more than 50,000 British pounds needed for the treatments, and so Nicholas managed to go to Turkey, and last July her examinations showed that the spine tumor had fallen back to Stage 1 and at her lungs had completely disappeared .

“Joe and Jake are my” adopted “children. Niki is my husband’s ex-husband and an amazing mother of Joe and Jake. Niki continues despite her state of health to put on top of all her children. Joe and Jake are the best siblings to our 3-year-old daughter and she worship them. Money is over and Nike may not be able to continue her life-critical treatment. This is not an option. Boys need their mom and she deserves the opportunity to see them growing up, becoming men and later making their own family. ” With these words, Claire called on the British to help Niki.