Caitlyn Jenner offered gold to get into “Celebrity Big Brother

A big amount pay the producers of the “Celebrity Big Brother”  to bring Caitlyn Jenner bring her to the game.

According to Page Six magazine, the producers of reality offer $ 1.3 million to Caitlyn Jenner to say the coveted “yes” and participate in the game.

In fact, the rumors want the former Olympic champion to meet with Channel Five officials.

According to a source of “The Daily Star”: “Channel Five officials are willing to give it all to have Caitlyn Jenner at Big Brother’s home. They know  she is television gold, and they are ready to break the bank to convince her. The world is fascinated by the history of Caitlyn Jenner and its acquisition would give a great boost to the program. ”

Caitlyn Jenner recently found herself in the UK to promote her autobiography, describing her transition from Bruce to Caitlyn.