Burglars robbed home, but came back and returned the puppy

The puppy of a little girl returned to his family the robbers who  broke in their house on Monday. As reported in a BBC report, Sasha, an eight-week Labrador, was kidnapped during a Monday morning burglary in Melbourne, Australia, along with a laptop, an iPad and some jewelery.

However, family members told Australian media that they were most concerned about the loss of the puppy, the “best friend” of their four-year-old Maia. However, on Thursday, Sasha was found in the garden of the house, where the thieves is believed to have left her. The puppy, which, according to its owners, has a medical problem that needs attention, was with the family just a week before the robbers took it.

Labrador Sasha is home! What a great start to day for this family, reuniting with their stolen pup. Read more ➜ https://t.co/lGdYPQvbB4 pic.twitter.com/CwLuRcNmHk
– Victoria Police (@VictoriaPolice) November 8, 2017

The story of the kidnapping of Sasha had made the round of Australian media. “We did not want to hope much. And in the morning my husband got up for coffee, crossed the door and saw something moving near the doghouse, “said Ryan Hunt, one of the pupp’s owners. “We think that whoever took it either has conscience or was afraid and just threw it out of the fence … to be honest we do not care, we are just glad its turned back.”

As she said, the dog seems to have developed an interest in its toes during her absence, but its health is good.

Investigation on the burglary continues.

It was a great start to the day for this Croydon Hills family when they were reunited with their puppy after it was stolen in a burglary on Monday morning.Labrador Sasha was overwhelmed with love and play time when she was finally united with her four- year-old owner. Read more ➜ http://s.ctx.ly/r/10my1

Posted by Victoria Police on Mittwoch, November 8, 2017

Can you help reunite the 8-week-old pup Sasha with its owners?

Posted by Victoria Police on Dienstag, November 7, 2017