Bruce Springsteen committed suicide due to depression problems

In a new revealing interview, Bruce Springsteen speaks openly about the mental health issues he faced with. The Boss, as they call him, in an interview with Esquire, reveals that he first suffered a nervous shock at the age of 32, in 1982 when he released his album “Nebraska”.

Although he does not know what caused the collapse, Bruce Springsteen estimates that the fact that he was growing up and his childhood played a role, says RES.

“The only thing I know is that as we grow older, the weight of our unarmed luggage becomes heavier … much heavier … Long ago, the defenses I built to withstand the stress of my childhood to save it which I had of myself, were no longer useful. I am abusing their saving forces, “he said.

“I relied on them to isolate myself, to seal my alienation, to exclude me from my life, to control others and to keep my emotions to a devastating degree.”

As he explained a little later, in the years of puberty he discovered the music that helped him fight the initial stages of depression caused in part by a difficult relationship with his father, who also suffered from mental health issues.

“When I was a kid and a teenager, I felt like a very, very empty boat. And only when I started to fill it with music, I began to feel my personal power and my influence on my friends and the little world I was in. I started to feel some sense of myself. But it came out of a part of a real vacuum, “said the singer.

“My mother was compassionate and very attentive to the feelings of others. He was going to the world with purpose, but gently, lightly. All these were the things that aligned with my own spirit. That was where I was. They came naturally to me. My father looked at all these things as weaknesses. He was very skeptical about who I was. And this sends you to a life-long search. ”

Bruce Springsteen, in his interview, also said that he now knows better the warning signs of mental illness and can recognize them quickly. “I have come close to her (to mental illness), I know I’m not entirely well. I had to deal with these many years and get a combination of drugs that hold me, otherwise I can deviate … the wheels can come out a bit. So we have to watch our family. I have to watch my kids and I was lucky there, “he said.

At another point in the interview, Bruce Springsteen talked about a close friend he considered his “bigger son”, who committed suicide.

“He was very, very sick. So, eventually, they are always a mystery – these last moments. I always say, “Well, someone was in a bad place and the rain caught him out. Some other night, someone could have been there … and it did not happen,” he said.