Britney Spears cancelled her concerts due to the death of her father

Britney Spears announced she is canceling her upcoming Las Vegas concerts and other professional duties due to the death of her father.

The 37-year-old singer reported a month ago to Instagram that her father, Jamie, had to be hospitalized at the end of 2018 and was very close to dying.

“We are all so grateful to come out of this adventure alive, but it has a long way ahead. I had to make the difficult decision to concentrate all my attention and energy on my family right now, “wrote the American artist.

Spears was set to launch a series of concerts, entitled “Britney: Domination,” in Las Vegas on February 13th, where they would play until August 2019.

Her representatives noted in a statement that James Sleeps had been hospitalized for 28 days in a Las Vegas hospital after a colon piercing two months ago. According to them, he is currently recovering at his home and is expected to recover fully.