A bride wore her bridal at the hospital. She knew she would soon had to say goodbye!

Candice Hammond from Georgia was in the middle of her marriage plans when she received the terrible news Her dad, Steve, who struggled with his health for a long time, was transferred to the intensive care unit. Doctors were not sure how much time was left over

The family got the news and were really sad. Steve’s wish was to hand over his daughter as a bride to her future husband. So, Candice and her future husband made a decision: Even though the wedding was not scheduled for October 1, they decided to get married earlier.

To meet Steve’s last wish, they would be married to the hospital. Candice took her father’s blessings from the hospital bed and then the ceremony began. Candice’s mother said, “It was so great. Everybody has helped so much to make this desire a reality. ”

Steve watched as his beautiful daughter stood with her wedding dress next to the love of her life. When the priest asked who gave Candice to her husband, Steve lifted his hand. He knew he was in good hands with Thomas.
When both said, “I accept”, the tears were hard to hold back.

A powerful mixture of joy and sadness filled the room. Everybody understood the gravity of the situation. All those who were present were deeply moved. The photographer said, “Every girl’s dream is to be handed over by her father, and Steve today managed to do this despite his difficult situation. I have not felt so much love again like in this room. “