Breast Cancer: 9 Symptoms that are not chest tumor


Any sudden changes in the breast are important, such as a change in size or shape. Unusual pain in the breast, or in the nipples may also be a danger bell. The same as a nipple that suddenly begins to “turn inward”.

Many women do not realize that chest skin can also provide important health information. If the skin becomes red, scaly, thick, granular, or abnormal, ask your doctor to examine you. The same applies to any secretion from the nipples except breast milk. Or even if there is swelling, warmth or an uncomfortable sensation in the nipples. You should also examine any swollen lymph nodes in the armpit because they are closer to the chest.

Of course, these symptoms do not always indicate breast cancer. It may just be related to where you are in your menstrual cycle. However, any change in the chest should always be considered by a specialist. If you notice anything unusual, be it breast size, nipple appearance, texture or breast tenderness, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Changes in breast size and shape
  2. Irritation or change in texture of the skin at some point in the breast
  3. Pain in the breast or nipple
  4. Changes in the nipple (eg a nipple starts to “spin in”)
  5. Redness, scaly skin on the nipple, or thicker nipple
  6. At some point in the breast the skin is thicker, with small bumps (like mosquito bites)
  7. Liquid secretion from the nipple (except breast milk, of course)
  8. Swelling, heat and sensitivity to the breast
  9. Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit area