Brain continue functioning even 10 minutes after death!

According to Canadian doctors in an intensive care unit found that the brain of a patient continued to operate even after he had been declared clinically dead. In particular, tests conducted after confirmed his death with a set of standard controls (eg lack of reaction pulses and eye pupil) detected brain waves that occur in deep sleep stage.

“We detected individual bouts of Delta waves after the cessation of the heartbeat and blood pressure,”  as it was said in the recent study published by a scientific team from the University of Ontario, referring to one of the four patients who were selected to participate.

Notably, while the other three patient’s brain activity in the form of waves, stopped before even the heart was stoped, the brains of all four individuals had different “behavior” minutes after death, which complicates further things and deepens the mystery of the after-death state of the human body.

As Canadians doctors point out in the study, the purpose of brain activity detected in a patient is unknown, and we must be careful about drawing conclusions from such a small sample. However, the probability of this recording due to error is infinitesimal, since the machines were tested and it was confirmed that they function correctly.

Previous studies that had been carried out in mice have shown that virtually all brain activity in these animals fade out after a mysterious “flare” that occurs about one minute after death. However the corresponding investigations have been conducted in humans have not been given so far clearly findings about exactly when our own brain stops functioning.