The book about Donald Trump confirms what we know about him






Shock has caused the controversial American author, Michael Wolfe, in the United States and internationally, the book “Fire and anger: In the White House of Donald Trump”. In the view of Michael Verts, a political scientist in Washington DC, the book simply confirms, in the most predictable way, what everyone has long known through the statements and tweets of the US president.

“Whoever watches Trump’s daily posts on twitter realizes that it has to do with an unstable and vengeful personality. What is decisive, however, is how much more the Republican party, which has the power in the two Houses at the Capitol Hill, will remain faithful and dedicated to President Trump.

The question posed to the Republicans is what is of greater importance to them: the preservation of power or constitutional institutions and the stability of American society? ” In the opinion of the German political scientist, Trump is adopting a disastrous policy towards governmental institutions in the US, a policy that is ultimately more important than the little-known rumors now spreading in the book by Michael Wolfe.

“Reducing the budgets of government institutions, the new direction of the Ministry of Justice, and destroying the Foreign Ministry from within, are just a few decisions with a very long-term impact on American society,” the German expert said. President Trump does not attach any importance to international organizations.

I would like to mention the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and from UNESCO or the way the president talks about the UN. Trump’s attitude not only affects the prestige of the US internationally, it also afflicts the Western Liberal Democracies. The effects are already visible not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. “