BMW’s 300 million euros investment

BMW Group will invest more than 300 million euros in its Leipzig factory. Expansion works have begun and will contribute to the plan to expand and produce future models in Leipzig.

The main goal of the work is to increase the annual production capacity by about 100,000 units, ie from 250,000 today to around 350,000 in 2020. BMW i model production will grow much earlier than this autumn from 130 to 200 units per day to meet the increased demand.

At the heart of the Leipzig factory’s development work is the paint shop that will expand 300 meters north and south, with new buildings covering an area of ​​11,950 m2. There will be a second, fully automated dye in the southern extension, and a new pre-treatment system with downward dipping in the northern part. Together, they will increase the capacity of the dye more than 40%.

The introduction of advanced IPP technology (a single dyeing process without the use of filler materials) will reduce energy consumption per unit by up to 15%, water consumption by about 30%, and waste generation by about 45%. In the medium term, these environmentally compatible technologies will be integrated into the existing dye line.

Conversions will also be made to the structures and procedures of the car body, with the installation of nearly 500 additional, advanced factory robots in the coming years. Further adjustments will be made to belt conveyor systems, forming the basis for future model production. In addition, the Leipzig plant will become more important as an internal door supplier and hood on the group’s production network.