“Blue Whale”, the new online game that spreads death

It all began from Russia although soon this addictive madness spread and in Ukraine. Behind the game, there are people who claim that young people who decide to take part in the game, buy weapons and various sharp objects and then do a series of things dangerous for their lives.

The game was called “blue whale” because one of the things they were asking children was to draw a whale in the hand with a knife. In the end they seek to kill themselves and record their death. If they refuse to do hat, they proceed to threats and blackmail against them.

The most famous case was that of a young man in Britain, who was found by his mother choked a few days after he had been warned by the school for this “game”. The best way to advise the children and to prevent them of such risks is to be close as parents to our children and explain to them that all these things are not real. That is fake tricks from people that record  a rope that is not a real rope but it is a material that can not drown.

That whale laid down by the hand of the Russian appearing in videos on YouTube is essentially makeup product. The child has neither the maturity. Neither the crisis to understand what is happening. That’s why we see that more and more teenagers daily fall victim to these prompts which are illegal and substantial risk to the life of the child.

This is very dangerous. So, the school and the state and parents should assist the children to try and understand the big risks of this extremely dangerous game, and explain that these things are not real.