Black pepper fights obesity






Black pepper can help fight obesity, says new study.

Piperalon, a compound present in the spice, significantly reduces the harmful effects of a high fat diet, concluded Indian researchers at Sri Venkateswara University, who conducted the study on mice.

Those supplemented with piperonal for six weeks had lower body weight, less fat and lower blood sugar, and stronger bones than those only fed with fatty foods and no pepper.

Obesity is linked to our genes

Interestingly, Indian researchers believe that black pepper and more specifically piperonal can neutralize some of the genes associated with overweight.

It is worth noting that in another British study researchers at the Imperial College London discovered mutations in a gene associated with obesity and concluded that “obesity is not always gluttony.”

However, both teams hope that their findings will be a new treatment for obesity, the rates of which have tripled worldwide since 1975.