Black Men Twice as Vulnerable to Prostate Cancer than White Men, Latest Study

There’s a new study involving black men that suggests that they are twice as prone to suffer from prostate cancer compared to their white counterparts.

The study could help keep individuals well informed concerning the risks involved in prostate cancer, according to researchers. It will make them aware of the choices available to them, such as a Prostate Antigen Test, the Mirror reported.

The study examined the lifetime implications of being a prostate cancer victim, included is dying from the disease, for every major ethnic classification.

The research says that the possibility of getting the diseases in a lifetime is approximately 29.3 percent for black men, 13.3 percent for white men, and roughly 7.9 percent when it comes to Asian men.

The report however did nor mention the reason why black men have a higher rate of contracting prostate cancer compared to white men.

The study is published in the journal BMC Medicine.