Blac Chyna Overshares by Promoting Vaginal Detoxing Pearls

So Goddess Vaginal Detox – yes, this is a brand apparently – have found their new poster girl! Can you take a wild guess who it is??

No. Not Nicki Minaj. No. Not Kim Kardashian. You’re so close, just barely off! So if Kim K and Nickay were to have a genetically modified plastic baby, who’d that be? Yes! Blac Chyna!


Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s model fiancée, has been going overboard with the sharing on Instagram these days. Now you’d think that’s impossible for someone who regularly spams people with photos of her barely-there clothes, but trust us, it’s possible. Her fans received the shock of their lives this week when Blac ceased the onslaught of almost-nude photos to rant about her newly found obsession: vaginal detoxing. We swear we’re not pulling anything – this is actually a thing!

Black posted a photo of the vaginal detox pearls, with the caption:

“Helpful for an array of vaginal ailments: dryness, cysts, fibroids, BV, odor, yeast infections or as a monthly cleanse just because. Why use monistat or vagisil when you have an all-natural alternative??”

I bet that was not awkward at all for her 5.9 million followers. I mean, it is commonplace for you to receive vaginal tips on Instagram. As the Dothraki say: It is known.

This isn’t the first time Blac’s posted about her love for vaginal detoxing. Earlier this year, she posted another photo with the caption:

“Ladies have you been self conscious about what’s going down there? Men have you smelled anything funny about your girl lately?”

This Blac, she just oozes class! Pure sophisticated class! This is exactly what I’d want to stumble upon while going through my news feed with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.


But come on you guys, we have to give the gal some credit. It’s not easy getting married these days, lots of expenses, you know. So Blac’s probably scraping in cash, and a promotion gig brings in some money. Not to mention that the lady’s got expensive taste, and one’s got to work to Keep Up With Chyna… I bet that would be a show people would watch.

So Rob Kardashian proposed with a $ 325,000 rock and just got his fiancée a $ 200,000 Lamborghini last week… and it only gets more expensive from there. Rumor has it that the Kardashian Matriarch, Kris, will be funding Blac and Rob’s fairy tale wedding, cause Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna’s mom – gotta love the stripper names – just can’t afford to Keep Up With Chyna – sorry, just had to. That’s probably why she carted her off to the Kardashians. She’s their problem now.