Why Bitcoin has very good prospects – what research shows on behalf of Wells Fargo

Bitcoin price has rise again amid expectations that the US ETF linked to the bitcoin and interest from institutional investors, will lead to a new wave of investment in kryptonomismata.

Indeed, a recent Gallup survey on behalf of the banking giant Wells Fargo shows how few people in the US have invested in bitcoin or another digital currency, underscoring how much could enhance the value of Bitcoin, if the popular kryptonomisma was a mainstream investment attracting millions of investors around the world.

In particular, according to the survey conducted in a population of 2,000 people, only 2% of investors say they are currently holding bitcoin and less than 1% are planning to buy it in the near future. While most investors do not consider profitable an investment in bitcoin at this time, however, about one in four (26%) claims to be interested in it, although it does not intend to buy it directly.

Bitcoin’s trading volume declined this year after its launch in 2017. The bitcoin’s price is somewhere at $ 8,000 compared to $ 2,000 that was the same period last year.

Research shows that bitcoin has a long way to go by winning investors from almost every category, with only 3% of men, 1% of women, 3% of those aged 18 to 49 and the participants 1% of people over the age of 50 hold bitcoin today.

While bitcoin ownership is more common among wealthy investors, only 3% of those earning over $ 90,000 say they have bitcoin in their portfolio, compared with less than 1% in lower income categories. Meanwhile, a separate survey earlier this year shows that about 8% of Americans have invested in some shelter.